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A large dumbass piece of yellow dog shit that delivers boys and girls across America at the crack of dawn to a place referred to as hell.

Blue bird makes one.

They are cold as fuck.

The drivers are typically of African decent and tend to be a little moody.

Fights are bad ass on them.

Where teens buy sell and trade drugs and alcohol and pornographic material.

Cameras are actually installed now so they really suck cock anymore.

They tend to play the worst local radio station very softly.

They make you feel like your in a nursing home about to attend your own funeral.

They try to hit fucking dogs like come on man! What the actual fuck!

Some pussys call it the school bus. Goddamn bitch ass math faces!
Johnny boned Lisa on the cheddar wagon in the furthest back seat in grade 10. That's how little Turd Head Ted was conceived.

Wild Bill Cody was tellin Franchesca that he'd drink a glass of santorum before he ever stepped his on a goddamn cheddar wagon again!

If I miss the cheddar wagon principle Dick Short can kiss my ass it's gona be a ps2 day man.

Tuxedo Joe finger fucks Haley Hogg every mornin. That clam stinks up the whole fucking cheddar wagon dude.
by Carn master December 18, 2016
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