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Protester in the western world who favors the same ideals as Ernesto Che Guevara: Destroy Capitalism, empower any leftist or liberal political agenda, ignore actual history of Communism, ignore the repression in Communist countries past and present.
The Che Guevara radical and his t-shirt is an example of Capitalism: It is an easily recognised icon, available everywhere, bought by millions and sold by successful firms.

It also defies Che's own hatred of commercialization.
by red collar May 16, 2010
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Bleeding heart college age lefty who thinks they are working to defeat the whole terrible System with a capital(ist) S because there is a big red poster of Che Guevara (printed no doubt on a massive press somewhere like Columbus, Ohio) in their bedroom. Swears eternal enmity to anyone from NASA to Monsanto, has probably played their part in uprooting at least one field of allegedly GM sugar beet and has no doubt pleaded in public that we have no right to be in space until the last African baby is fed (and if that had been arranged there would surely be something else). Of course you just know that in ten years' time, if not sooner, the Che Guevara radical will have an office job for the Coca-Cola Company in Shanghai and drive an SUV.
She's 18 and she's all Che Guevara radical, but just wait until she graduates from Uni and the poster will come down.
by Fearman April 18, 2008
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