A Yiddish word for a pig (a person who is greedy, allways wants more, doesnt fly straight and can't be trusted)
You see that guy there he's a real "Chaza".
by Nick .R June 23, 2005
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A sexy beautiful girl with gorgeous eyes and an amazing smile
by thebawssguy February 8, 2015
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Chaza is what retards say instead of Chazza because they are thick and they cannot spell. idiots.
by chazzathelad December 10, 2019
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A very special person who is very sensitive and caring to others around her/him this person makes a great friend and companion.
"don't be rude she is very {chaza}"
by chachiwachi November 16, 2014
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Chazae is a beautiful girl. She's probably one of the Prettiest girls you'll ever meet. She's kind, very (very) smart and ambitious. Although Chazae is cool most of the times you DO NOT want to get her angry or else that's it for you! She can be an angel too! One of the sweetest persons ever. She is a great friend and lover and she will always have your back no matter what. Chazae is definitely a keeper!
"Wow! Chazae is so pretty!"
by Toonziesss November 23, 2021
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A beautiful sexy woman with gorgeous eyes. She’s a princess and crazy at the same thing. She have a big heart and always here for the people that she loves. She has long brun hair, and beautiful chocolate eyes. She is a loving, caring and loyal friend. She can get all the man’s attention with her personality, her physique and her heart. She’s a natural beauty.
She’s a beauty, that’s so Chaza
by loveisrealxo November 22, 2021
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