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A forum which was set up a long time ago by the mysterty man that is Quaid which became the new home of most of Chavscum's members as Chavscum has all but gone down the pan. This particularly true when you browse the threads only to find 80% of them are about pirates and grooming.

Anyway, Chavworld appeals to people who would probably look at things like politics carefully and be considerate when making up their minds; in the same way Chavscum would appeal to trigger happy conservatives.

The regulars on Chavworld tend to be more open minded than those on Chavscum because most will not agree with lynchings as a suitable crime for petty theft. They tend to discuss wheather on not the chav is a state of mind or a clothing style.

Posters tend to feature all manner of personalities. From the moronic, shallow chavs who hate anyone who isn't exactly like them and can't spell words that have more than six letters. To the 'misunderstood' kids who blame chavs for everything. Then you get the more open minded rock fans and chavs who dislike the members of their own sub cultures for their own shallowness, fair play really.

The more intellectual members don't abuse their almost terrifying level of intelligence on the other members too much. Well, only if a slightly stupid poster says something along the lines of, "u tlk bit posh init!" which then sparks other posters into posting pictures with 'own3d' written on them.

With two more mods added to handle a recent wave of trolls the forum seems to be standing in good stead. PikeySlayer is still on his world famous PC campaigne. Mohawk posts pictures of just about anything for no real reason. NoNamedFreak was the original postwhore, but she's ill and can't be arsed to post. Macona has supplied half the pictures in the picture revival thread, being the cam whore that he is. There are other mods but you'll be hard pushed to see what they've actually done.

But whatever your view on chavs are, check out Chavworld because unlike Chavscum, it's actually worth posting there.
Screw Chavscum, I'm joining Chavworld!
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