A truly horrendous, offensively customised car with a roof. Invariably older than its driver and adorned with an ill fitting body kit with a shite paint job, alloy wheels, and a suspension lower than whale shit, rear spoiler and a peashooter exhaust system with one or two horse knobs. Driven by a brain dead chav listening to ear shatteringly loud drum and bass music.
Steve :- Ay-up boys, old Jamie's really excited about getting his chavrolet back from the repair shop. 's gorra nuther sticker on it.
Guy :- Yeah shite innit?
Richard :- Wunt have it in me driveway!
Tosh :- Fuckin rangum!
Mike :- Waste of money, time and space!
ALL :- AYE!!
by swineyvee October 10, 2006
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A small car, usually Japanese, that has been 'Halfordized' in order to attract the public attention that the owner would otherwise not warrant. e.g. lowered, boombox, led's, chrome, loud exhaust, low profile tyres - frequently unable to negotiate speed bumps.
Wayne drove his chavrolet to McDonalds.
by septimius severus May 4, 2009
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