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A generic term for black chavs. This subspecies has been given immunity to do whatever it damn well likes, as to try to stand up for yourself and society is consider racist and un-PC.

Characteristically seen in a dangerously driven, stupidly attired chav mobile, rap clubs where the baseline could drive a half-brick through a concrete wall, or any type of market or shopping centre.

They are slightly more dangerous than the average chav, if only because of the risk of blinding due to sunlight reflecting off of the even-more-insane-than-normal amounts of bling worn. Of course, they WANT to be considered tough. But, however, this is extremely unlikely. This is because they would cack their little (Burberry) panties and run for mummy at the prospect of something even remotely resembling a fair fight (i.e. less than 12:1 in their favour).
Man in Pub: Look at that! Thirty youths are attacking an old lady! We should help her!

Drinking Partner: We can't. They're all Chavricans, look. We don't want to be considered racist, do we?

Man in Pub: Too right. Another Drink?
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