someone who's constantly speaking about other people's business; regardless of if they know these people, or have any factual evidence of the claims they make. More than likely it will be a negative view point, as most Chatty Patty's relish at the chance to speak badly of others. This gossipy behavior is most intolerable when it is men speaking about other men, being that the original "Chatty Patty" doll which the reference derives from, was a doll meant to be played with by little girls.
John: I heard "so and so's" car is leased, he probably really isn't getting money like that, and his girlfriend use to text me too!

Billy: Bro, why would I want to know that? Stop being a Chatty Patty...
by Hood Dictionary May 21, 2015
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Someone who curses several times in a sentence and can tend to scream when doing so
She was pissed off and she was screaming so I told her, "Stop being such a Chatty Patty!"
by ChattyPatty2.0 December 1, 2017
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