London slang for talking nonsense, or speaking of something about which you have no clear understanding.
"Bingly bongly boo. Snippety-snappety-blarg. Goo ferplunk moo-ha ha ha."
"Man, don't chat breeze."
by Bonny lad November 11, 2004
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To Chat Breeze Is When You Will Row With Someone And You Will Be Putting A Point Across And The Other Will Be Talking Nonsense And Not Actually Saying Anything To Win The Arguement
Person One : Look Bruv I Took The Money Because You Owed Me It Anyway

Person 2 : You Wasteman Bruv Dnt Ever Touch My Tings Agan

Person To Is Chatting Breeze Because He Knows Hes In The Wrong.
by Azzle-A BrapBrap April 2, 2008
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Basically meaning you are talking a load of crap, I.e not making any sense, or just saying random/irrelevant shit in general.
Person 1: “why the fuck does milk make cereal wet”
Person 2: “mate you’re actually chatting breeze
by HavingMeOn June 23, 2018
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When someone farts into there hand and then places it to there mouth and inhales it and then blows it into a victims face
Bro this guy is chatting breeze all over my face and it stinks.

This guys pissing me off, I’m gonna chat breeze on his head
by Crinkiltot January 20, 2019
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