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Chathand or chatcut is the expression used to describe internet chat lingo that is typed in shortcut, or shorthand form.

It's often an acronym of commonly used words. In more complex form, it can also be a word that sounds like a chathanded term as an acronym, as is defined by the example expressions given. It can also be a phonetically spelled variation of a word or acronym. There are many different expressions and variations, but all mostly originated from chatroom lingo.

-"1337" meaning "leet", or "elite", a term that originated from the movie "hackers", and is used as an expression to define a group or individual that is considered to be a hacker(s).

acronym form-
-"lol" meaning "laugh out loud"
-"brb" meaning "be right back"
-"fml" meaning "fuck my life"
-"omg" meaning "oh my god"
-"wtf" meaning "what the fuck"
-"ily" meaning "I love you"

complex acronym form-
(refer to acronym form for definitions)-
-"el oh el" meaning "lol"
-"bee ar bee" meaning "brb"
-"eff em el" meaning "fml"
-"oh em gee" meaning "omg"

phonetic form-
-"ur" meaning "you're" or "you are"
-"orly" meaning "Oh really?"
-"bai" meaning "bye"
-"ghey" meaning "homosexual"
Examples of chathand usage:

"Some people call it "speaking IM", others call it "bad grammar", for those that like semantics, it's called "chathand".

"FFS, carb0n and RF are crashing stickam again? wtf, they swear they are so 1337."

"Michy is hot as fawk, she says ily 2 me, I jizz in my pants."

"oh em geee, stfu and gtfo you perv, stop fucking IM'ing me!"

"o rly? how can I stfu in a chat where I'm not even talking, I'm typing u fucktard."

"fml, I had a test to study for and forgot."
by aliaz October 08, 2010
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