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CVR means surprisingly a best choice high schoolfrom across the valley. This school is full of wannabe thugs when really they all migrate from farms. Their daily hobbies involve sitting on a lobby bench watching people walk by, they get their rush from drinking, cigarettes and shit weed then post pictures of themselves getting ready for their shit dances that ain't even lit. Lots of different area children go to this school, Huntingdon zulu's, like 2 black people, Drop in kids from HSB, some exchange students, and fake white gir- hoes - who should just stick to milking cows rather then attempting to dab and inhale markers or sniff glue.
Chateauguay Valley Regional High School: Zulu farmer graduate: Where you going to college eh?
Other wannabe thug: Don't need to! I'll work on granddaddys farm.
by Theanontruth July 18, 2016
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