noun: chatban; plural noun: chatbans
- The loss of privilege to chat online.

verb: chatban; 3rd person present: chatbans; past tense; chatbanned; past participle: chatbanned; gerund or present participle; chatbanning
- Block (a user) from an online chat.
"I've been chatbanned for multiple cases of directed toxicity, but I can continue playing the game."

"Moderators will chatban anyone who violates the community guidelines."

"A chatban basically bans you from chatting with others."
by SageToxigen May 25, 2023
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When you say something bad in a "family-friendly" game. Seriously kids don't do that, it sucks to be banned
Extra definition:
Urchatbanned Dictionary: ripoff of urban dictionary
Aww dang i got chatbanned on hypixel
What did u say?
uhh fuck and deez nuts
by DRandomPerson January 8, 2023
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