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Expression used to humiliate people who hate on someone or somethi
When someone says "Jamie Vardy sucks" and he then scores 10 BPL games in a row, you reply with "Chat shit get banged"
by Nerday November 23, 2015
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An earnest warning that any spurious criticism will result in a straight right to the jaw.
Me: Leicester surely can't maintain this for throughout the season
Jamie Vardy: Mate... chat shit get banged
by technicalJohn January 27, 2016
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A phrase popularised by esteemed philosopher, James Vardé in his 1903 paper, 'Net six and chill'.

Scholars have since debated its intended meaning. Leading theories suggest it describes a situation in which verbalising disparaging, ill-formed statements could result in one being assassinated via a firearm.
Person A: Why did you get this?
Person B: You told me to pick it up from the store.
Person A: I didn't say Chili Beef...
Person B: Yeah you did
Person A: I said wanted a Bombay Bad Boy you nonce!

Person B: Watch your language! Well, I definitely heard Chili Beef. And what does it matter, you like Chili Beef anyway. And can you please take that hoodie off and put it in the wash.
*Person A shoots Person B*
Person B: What on earth did you do?!
Person A: You lied, I never said Chili Beef
Person B: So you shot your own mother?!
Person A: Chat shit get banged
Person B: For god's sake. Call 999 please.

Person A: Fine. By the way, did you bring any vodka?
Person B: Yes, it's in the car
Person A: Good, I'm throwing a party tonight
Person B: Are you going to invite Charlie?
Person A: Of course I am ffs. Ambulance said they'll be 10 mins.
by Emmanuel Adebayor January 14, 2016
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If what you say is untrue, or is an attempt at defaming my character I shall physically assault you.
Chat shit get banged Listen mate if you chat shit about me behind my back you'll get banged spark out.
by Padraig1980 January 15, 2016
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Four words used to fill out sentences, adding nothing of any value.

An English proverb made popular through the famed think-tank James Vardy of Leicester City F.C.
*incomprehensible noises*chat shit get banged*more noises*
by DuckBilledTwattipus January 03, 2016
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