This term is a bit more complicated than merely "smoking opium". It starts when you have your first high, the world is peaceful, everything is perfect, you're numb, but in the best way possible. But, soon, it starts wearing off. Fast. Your mind races, you're pulled out of your dream world. You crave the drug more and more, wanting to feel the same way as you did on your first high. You go to the dealer and buy the same amount you had the first time, and smoke. Still feels good, but not as good as first time. You go and buy more. Closer, but not quite there. You're stuck, you don't know what to do. You want to go back to that little dream world and stay forever, but your body is already developing a tolerance. You panic. You use all your money to buy more and more and more, but still, not the same as that first time. You realize that you have no more money, so you start selling your things, pawning whatever could get you that next bag. Still, nothing compared to what you had on that first, magical time. So, you're broke and own nothing. But you don't care, all you care about is getting back to the first high. You start stealing, doing "favors", whatever gets you the money for the attempt. Your life becomes a living hell, all in search of a repeat of the first high. That's chasing the dragon.
I doubt an example is necessary here.
by Woody. December 29, 2005
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Smoking heroin off of a piece of tin foil. As the heroin rolls across the tin foil, the smoke moves with it and looks like a dragon. The user follows the smoke with their straw, hence "Chasing the dragon".
He's run out of needles, so he's chasing the dragon instead.
by Ye Old Prawn August 7, 2008
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The art of Western (caucasian) guys chasing asian girls usually an obsession because a lot of Asian girls seem to be an easy target of the un-scrupulous male. Not always a bad thing as opposites attract.There are studies saying that men do not discriminate against preference on race of women. Where as east asian women have a preference for asian or caucasian men over black and hispanic males.Which tends to make it look like a white male fetish.
Billy:I went out on saturday night but it was a sausage fest . Too many guys not enough lady's. So had to go back to the city to see what China dolls were around.

Johnny: Oh man ! when are you gonna stop "Chasing the dragon" ha ha !
by Dry Noodles March 6, 2010
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The act of smoking cocaine on aluminum foil mixed with baking soda and a little bit of water/saliva. Mix it properly over the piece of foil paper then light the bottom. As the smoke flows upward inhale the light smoke using a "cone"(cut off top of a water bottle).
*Niggas talking in Texas*
Chimney:"Yo nigga what you doin'?"
Eric:"Chasing the dragon homeboy!"
Chimney:"Pinche Comalito!!!"
by Serg Sweatshirt November 22, 2013
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(1) "Chasing the dragon" is a method of smoking opium (opium is often referred to as a dragon in asian cultures). The opium is heated on some kind of metal and a fine line of smoke evolves from the heated drug. This smoke is now to be "chased" (meaning breathed in), often through a small tube, like a straw.
(2) Also used to describe a similar method of smoking other drugs (heroine, crack, etc)
In many cultures it is common to chase the dragon every day.
by ederstone May 24, 2004
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Originally, a phrase refering to the smoking of opiate drugs.
by Anonymous October 20, 2003
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