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Chase is often seen as some rich kid with 3 Lamborghini's. Chase is usually incompatible with Connor models and has difficulty interacting with Jerry models. Chase is an easily misunderstood upper class white male, that tends to get a bad reputation for things out of his control. Chase usually latches onto a few select words and greets all of his close friends with them, such as What are you gay. Chases' usually have mountains of fake friends that grow out of control quickly. This problem often forces Chases' to constantly juggle their activities and obligations between friend groups. Overall, a Chase is a alright guy, but be warned of the consequences before you get too close.
Person 1- Woah, did you see Chase Hernandez drive to school in his dad's Lambo Today?
Person 2 - Yeah, who could miss that, what a rich scumbag.
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