Nasty ass Canadian rapper. He's young as shit, bad as shit, and blowing up. He kicks ass at freestyle battles and his flips/rebuttals are insane. He is so talented and witty. Many people say his rhymes don't make sense, but they just don't have the IQ to understand them. Charron is so quick with it and highly educated in pop culture and current events, he slays his opponents verse after verse. He's a part of KOTD and is from Ottawa, Canada
You hear Corey Charron vs. Oz/Syco/Arcane? Yeah he killed that shitttt.
by heybbaby January 27, 2011
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Literally the only person in the state of Virginia who knows how to do any and everything car related. If you make a post on a Virginia Car scene page, he will surely be tagged.
*Get on a Virginia car scene Facebook page*
“Hey, can anyone in the Hampton Roads area work on my car? I need an engine swap, full exhaust delete, paint job, roof delete, vasectomy, quadruple turbos even though I already have two super chargers on my 6.9 liter that’s going in, take the limited slip differential out of my brake rotors and change my bmw blinker fluid even though this is a Miata”
*Everyone tags: Bruce Charron”

“Bro did Julian Lightbody fix your exhaust?
“No, he does know a lot of shit though. I had him roll my finders last night”
“You made that sound gay but okay”
by greenheartseason April 15, 2021
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