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CHARPET (pronounced "char-pet") A charpet is a word describing a very hairy chest. The term is derived from the combination of the words "chest" and "carpet." Many charpets are revealed on the beach or when men (typically) unbutton their shirts or wear t-shirts that are specifically cut to highlight the charpet feature. The hair must be so thick as to look and feel much like a tighly weaved piece of carpet. Some charpets are so short and dense that they resemble a burber style carpet, while others sport much longer, looser hair that looks more like a shag carpet.
Other derivatives of this word include:
CHARPWHITE (pronouced "charp-white") A Charpwhite is similar to a charpet, but the chest hair is white in color. This look is often featured by other men, but has also been spotted on a rare breed of women.
Some uses of the word include:
Hey, look at that guy's charpet, it's really thick
Wow, I wonder if he has to vacuum that thing regularly
by Jim the observer July 14, 2009
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