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No one has anything good, not even good, matter fact, just decent @ all to say about Charlotte County on this muthafucker. & u kno what.. thats fine, cuz I was taught, just like I'm sure whoever's reading this was, that everyone's entitled to their own opinion. But I'ma stand up for the boring ass, little shithole I was born in, even if I have ta stand alone... I guess I'm tha only muthafucker in my area that believes you should always represent where ur from. No matter how small it might be, or boring. Or how far up their asses tha police force has their fuckin heads. So I'ma say it like the greatest...

"All I care about is money & tha city that I'm from, I'ma drink until it's finished, I'ma smoke until it's done, & I don't really give a fuck & my excuse is that I'm young...& I'm only gettin older, sumbody shoulda told ya, I'm on one....YMCB." & you already kno anyways, it ain't bout where ur from, it's where ur @.
port charlotte
punta gorda
Charlotte County
by Bethers0214 July 02, 2011
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