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The most amazing lady in the whole entire god damn world. No one would ever give up the chance to see this young lady. She is beautiful, smart, clever, passionate, cute, and has a passion for memes and volleyball. If you know a charlise I recommend you text her and say I love you very much.
by Mr.Immakickyourbutt March 12, 2018
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Charlise is a very gorgeous girl that will go through multiple boyfriends!
Look at that Charlise girl she's so pretty I'm so jelly!
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Charlise is a girl with silky blonde hair and brown eyes that sometimes turn green (doesnโ€™t make sense I know)! She is the most wonderful person to be around and she is so romantic and cuddly... she is the absolute BEST in bed!! She is often made fun of and starts ALOT of fights but is also the one to end them. She is the type of girl that will make it very well in life and will be REALLY rich!! She will not get married or have kids. She is also obsessed with music!! Also she loves photography she takes so many BEAUTIFUL pictures!! You always want to hug her... but donโ€™t make her mad because then she will bite!!
Guy/Girl: Uggg I need a girl in my life who will be there for me

Another girl/ guy: Get yourself a Charlise ;)
by Wooordzzzzzzzz November 14, 2017
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That one Asian girl who gets in trouble for playing video games in class.
Guy: Dude, Charlise is kinda hot.
Other Guy: She's Asian bro ;)))))
by loli-con November 21, 2016
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