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Charlie Sheen's character on Two and a half men. A hedonistic ladies man who works as a commercial jingle writer (and at least once a children's song writer). Harper was almost a mirror image of Sheen (the major difference being drug use, Sheen being a major user of most drugs whereas Harper only occasionally does weed, though still drinks a lot). Charlie does not enjoy the company of his mother Evelyn or brother Alan, but does occasionally enjoy hanging out with his nephew Jake (though does not hold back from making fun of his slow intelligence and frequent "toilet usage").

Sheen was fired from the show on March 7, 2011. For the upcoming ninth season, Harper will have been killed off in Paris after being hit by a train (reported as an accident but may have been done by wife/former stalker Rose due to her catching him with another woman). His house will be purchased by Walden Schmidt (played by Ashton Kutcher).
Charlie Harper was the heart of Two and a half men. Even if Kutcher's character is twice as funny, it still won't be able to replace him.
by Gaaraofthedamned August 10, 2011
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charlie harper

also called charlie sheen

Is a perverted drug addicted low life queen that lives in his brother's house, he is also listed by CA Sheriff Dept as a sexual offender concerning pedophilia. He also likes to fuck with his old mother that pays his brother so Harper may stay in his brother's house, his queen-like sexual addiction is based on his loss of masculinity due to his sexual affairs with his mother while he was young.

On 19th of April 2010 Charlie Harper was sentenced to 14 years of prison because he raped japanese schoolgirls under his synonyme Charlie Waffles.

So either judge will release him on probation otherwise 2 and a half men will not continue
by lksujfosf May 13, 2010
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