The most hot, sexy, talented singer in the world who can amazingly play the piano, has perfect pitch, and a n unique scar in his eyebrows which is caused by a dog bite.
Friend: when is Charlie Puth's birthday?

Me: Dec 2 1991 in new jersey

Other friend: what was today homework

Me: where the hell should i know?
by Biggest puthinator on earth August 29, 2018
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Charlie puth is an amazing piano player and singer/ songwriter. He also has a talent called perfect pitch and he is super funny

Anyone who is born on the 2nd of December, I'm jealous a.f
Friend: who Is charlie puth?
Me: the most lovable celebrity, why?
by Dangerouslyputh November 7, 2020
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An amazing singer/songwriter who can really play the piano. He has a large vocal range. He's very hot. Can cause post concert depression!
Omg I just went to Charlie puth concert I'm in love
by Omleta April 6, 2016
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An amazing singer who was born on December 2, 1991 in Rumson, New Jersey. He is known for some of the top hits such as Attention, How Long, We Don't Talk Anymore ft. Selena Gomez, and also for writing and singing See You Again. He started as a YouTuber and now he has 10M subscribers. He signed a record with Atlantic Records. He is one of the talented singers in the music industry.
Person 1: OMG did you hear Charlie Puth's new song--Change ft. James Taylor?
Person 2: OH YEAAH. It's amazinggg
by Someoneintheplanetearth April 2, 2018
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charlie puth is a singer/songwriter/record producer he can play the piano & guitar he has perfect pitch and an amazing voice he is cute and handsome
person 1 : hey, i just made a fan acc of charlie puth
person 2 : charlie puth ?

person 1 : he's the one who wrote see you again only in 10 minutes
person 2 : ohhh
by charlie_cuteputh July 2, 2017
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Kid 1: I was watching an internet sensation last night
Kid 2: Ohh Charlie Puth
Kid 1: Yeaaa !!!
by ellael92 June 29, 2011
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Charlie Puth, full name Charles Otto Puth Jr, is an incredibly talented singer,songwriter and producer,known for hits like "attention","we don't talk anymore" and current single "the way I am". He writes and produces all of his songs,can beatbox,can play the piano,can sing and has an amazing personality. He loves pizza, cars,music (especially c-sharps ) and his fans. Charlie is a big (and goofy) music nerd, but I guess that's just the way he is ♡
Person 1:"Hey did you hear Charlie Puth's new album Voicenotes ?"
Person 2: "Yes i did ! I'm in love with it "
by Allaboutcharles August 14, 2018
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