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A character on the UPN series "Star Trek: Enterprise". Charles 'Trip' Tucker was the chief engineer on the Starfleet vessel Enterprise NX-01, and was also (for a brief period of time) the chief engineer on the second-generation NX-02 starship, Columbia. Has been good friends with Captain Jonathan Archer for over 20 years. Enjoys working with machines, playing the harmonica, and old horror movies. Lost his sister, Elizabeth Tucker, when Earth was attacked by an alien probe that decimated the state of Florida. Trip was also involved in a relationship for the Vulcan T'Pol for four years. Trip Tucker died when he sacrificed himself to save the life of his captain by blowing up himself and a group of hostile aliens.
(writing a letter to a female crewmen's parents about her death) "Computer, begin recording. Dear Mr. and Mrs. Taylor, by the time you get this, Starfleet will have already told you about Jane. Since I worked so closely with her, I wanted to add my personal condolences. I have to admit, I've been putting off writing this for a while. I convinced myself that my duties on Enterprise took precedence. But the truth is I didn't want to face the fact that someone so young with so much promise could just be gone. But I'm facing it now. And I find myself thinking how important she was to me. She was a great engineer. And she was my friend. She won't be forgotten."
by crazyrabbits May 25, 2005
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