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1) Of the Sonic games: A power that is used with a Chaos Emerald to bend time and space, either allowing you to freeze time or to warp yourself or something else instantly from one location to another. The only known possesors of this technique are Sonic the Hedgehog and Shadow the Hedgehog.

2) Of Sonic X: A force which can transport people, places, and things from one dimension to another or from one time period to another. It cannot be controlled.
Shadow: "Chaos . . . control!"
by SonicFan March 28, 2004
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In the card game Yu-Gi-Oh!, a form of deck that utilizes 'chaos monsters' and other cards to remove the opponent's monsters from play and generally wreak havoc on their deck, usually with overpowering and, usually, unstoppable 'doomsday' effects. Also known as Dimension Control
In the Traditional format, Chaos Control was king, but now that the Advanced format has banned CED, Chaos Control just isn't what it used to be, anymore.
by SynjoDeonecros November 29, 2004
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