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Created by Pete S while originated by the so-called "Beacon Boyz" the word Foom Made its way into Ardsley in 2003. Foom, later evolved into words such as "doom" "faom' "daom" "zaom" and eventually... "chaom"
The word Foom was in its prime during 2003 in Ardsley Middle School. It was used by students against other students, random kids and even faculty and staff.
When using the word foom, its originators usually followed up with a few violant abrupt stomping of the feet in order to really make their presence felt. Victims of this activity were usually traumatized for the remainder of the school day.
Foom made its way into 2004, 2005, 2006 and while later dying out in 2007 it evolved and took the form of other words...Chaom
Long Live Foom
Person A: "Dave, sometimes after school i feel the need to jack off to fat women"

Person B: "Chaom!!!!!" "wtf is wrong with you dude. your sickning"
"kill yourself"
by an Originator September 29, 2008
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