A British television channel that launched in 1982. It mostly shows Countdown, Hollyoaks, Formula 1 and edited repeats of The Simpsons.
It’s 6:00. Time to watch the news
No thanks, I want to watch Channel 4. The Simpsons is on.
FFS, watch it on Sky 1 in 30 minutes
But this episode hasn’t been shown on C4
by AS2121 November 28, 2017
One of Britain's most popular channels. Mostly features game shows and horse racing. Still better than American TV.
Albert: Darling, turn on the tele to Channel 4. Countdown's on!

Margerie: Ooh, I hope that Baxter lad gets the boot! Bloody know-it-all.

Teenage spiked Mohawk grandson: *sigh*
by dj dustman October 3, 2015