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Chaniqua is a beautiful girl that is so amazing in every way but she doesn’t realise this most of the time. She is the type of girl that anyone would be lucky to call their own and that everyone wishes they had. Chaniqua is the one girl who will never stop blowing your mind. She has a magical power that can erase your memory, she can take the worst thing ever and make you not even care. She is the kind of person everyone wants the one who is so beautiful in her own kinda beauty everyone knows she is the prettiest girl alive. She is human yet at the same time angelic she knows all the right words to make a person feel better and if she cares about you then you are the luckiest person in the world, if you ever get the pleasure of spending time with her you'll understand. Chaniqua is a beautiful, deadly smart, sarcastic girl whom makes you go crazy. She's weird sometimes but she can give really good advice and tell you when you need to grow up. She's the best comforter but will tell you when your being annoying. Even if she doesn't like someone she's mature enough to tolerate the fact that she doesn't like you. She doesn't like the fact and tries to hide that's she's an easy crier. She's only mean when people deserve it and a great friend. She has a forgiving heart and can easily trust people. It takes a lot to break her but it can happen and she can sensitive at times. There's no one like her, take care of her and she'll take care of you. Don't break her.
by PancakeGirl147025803690 June 29, 2018
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