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Usually mean and disrespectful but very pretty,small ears and face. Nice when she wants to be and has a great personality.Always speaking their mind.Is fun and outgoing. people love being around her.Always talking about anything and Everything and very loud.Also very smart and talented.
by African power333 August 14, 2017
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Usually a thot or a hoe, but loved by everyone. Very funny and great twerker, can steal your boyfriend and is a great flirt. Small ears and a small face but beautiful hair and eyes. Pleasure to look at. Fiesta attitude towards people she doesn't like. She can be a bitch at times but she's also very nice and kind.
Girl: Chania stole my boyfriend
Girl2: But you still have to love her.

bitch kind twerk hoe lover beautiful
by Gorgerific October 19, 2013
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