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According to the Kimaldi Heshara, The sacred book of the Ashtreyas, which is said to chronicle the history of the universe, Chandrajit is the third son of Blumpkin, the goddess of Higher Consciousness and Kendra, The High Priest of the temple of Time Travel and the most powerful of the 4 Higher Gods, who were sent down to the Earth to enlighten the race of monkey like creatures that inhabited it then. Chandrajit was born as a pod of purple energy, the term indigo children derives from the story of his birth. As part of the Higher Gods, his roles were that of "Consciousness Expander" & " Creative Superintendent". Clothed in neon robes, Helmet and X-Ray goggles that could see into the soul of the person he was looking at, Artifacts, Totems, shrines in his honor have been discovered all over South America, Europe and Asia. Recent evidence suggests that the Nazca Plains in Peru, were a landing site for his spaceship "The Eye".

A Being of supreme intelligence and wit.

Somebody insanely gifted.
"That guy can recite the entire works of William Blake backwards, he's a Chandrajit"

"God is a Chandrajit"
by JosephHigginbotham_14 June 05, 2009
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