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A curious phenomenon of a place.

Located near Southampton and Eastleigh, it somehow manages to be the snobbiest little town full of hundreds of rich spoilt shitheads with no concept of the real world who soil themselves when they see a chav, or as they would put it, 'someone of the lower classes'.

Home to many a rich family of dickheads.

Widely avoided by many to avoid being given hostile stares by the rich inhabitants.

The residents never leave as they fear they may be attacked by a group of 'young ruffians' or 'crazy hoodlums'.
'Mate, you wanna go to asda in chandlers ford?'
'No fuckin way, i hate the little pricks who live there'

'I say old bean, fancy going to see a film in eastleigh?'
'Are you feeling alright my dear fellow? We might get mugged! I dont trust those suspicious lads and ladettes who roam the streets over there...'
by sfcFTW November 02, 2011
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