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A common Korean name whose literal translation is: Bright and Beautiful.
Wow you look like Chan-Mi today!
by MinsuYang October 22, 2007
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A beautiful wife and mom who is loving and caring. She is the most beautiful girl that you will ever get to meet. She is also a great friend and a companion in life. If you happen to know Chanmi in college years, consider asking her for relationship advices because she will be blunt enough to let you know the truth. If you are lucky enough to date and marry one, consider yourself just won a mega-billion lottery. She is a keeper who will straighten you up and she encourages when you are at your lowest. Beware that if you see this definition, you may fall in love with any girl named Chanmi. The literal translation of this Korean name is β€œpraise the beautiful,” which again translates to β€œpraise the Lord.”
An immature boy met Chanmi in college and his life was changed. CHANMI (Praise the Lord)!
by YNC April 03, 2019
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Chanmi is a girl who loves memes, vines and Hamilton the musical or any other musical. She's probably christian and is very physical sometimes. she likes music but it never satisfies her sometimes and so does art. but man, gaming is something she likes to do. Chanmi means 'praise the Lord' and yeah... anyways her friends are usually a retard and if you have a friend called Chanmi, repeat after me:
"I am a retard, I am a retard."
Someone: Man, let's search up your name on urban dictionary
Chanmi: Sure
Someone: I am a retard?
Chanmi: You sure are
by Chanmi is not a retard October 04, 2019
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