A mixture of champagne or ginger ale and ripple. It was first mentioned on the episode of Sanford and Son entitled "Fred & Carol and Fred & Donna" in which he says he has a mixture of ginger ale and ripple. It was mentioned later in the episode "Superflyer" in which they decide to get champagne (not ginger ale) because they are on a plane flying first class and Redd Foxx also wants some ripple to mix it with, saying they could call it "champipple."
Man, I wish they still made ripple, so we could make some champipple
by PooDooHooDoo December 9, 2010
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Champipple was first used as a phrase in one of the early Sanford and Son episodes. It was defined as a drink which was a mixture of ginger ale (_not_ champagne - which is too expensive in the hood) and ripple.
I'z gon sips me some champipple an git my groove on...
by madman_c November 27, 2007
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Beverage made from a mixture of champagne and ripple.
Bishop Don Magic Juan might cut you if you make him spill his champipple out his golden pimp cup.
by TTGalure February 22, 2003
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Sexual act of drinking champagne and sucking on the nipple. Works best and is more arousing when the champagne is properly chilled.
Last night me and my girl had some bangin sex, and we both had a little champipple.
by freyosol April 10, 2011
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