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Chaminade College Preparatory is a high school in southern California. While Chaminade freshmen start out lost and confused, carrying their expensive laptops around and avoiding the opposite sex, by senior year it is standard to spend every Friday night getting trashed with 90% of your classmates. Chaminade students can frequently be seen around the San Fernando Valley driving daddy's two year old, and thus discarded BMW. Chaminade students look down on public school students, as they should, because despite the rich kid cliche, Chaminade students are intelligent and successful, and get into colleges based on merit, rather than by the aid of a trust fund (see Oaks Christian High School). After four years of hard work, it is understandable that its upperclassmen should feel the need to let loose. Students are divided into two categories, very good looking, and frightening. The two groups are generally never seen together, and it is very uncommon to see mixed couples.
Victim of public education: Where do you go to school?
Chaminade college preparatory student: Chaminade
Victim of public education: HA, you mean SNOB-INADE
Chaminade student: It's okay, I have more money, more college acceptances, and good looks
by chaminadesocal September 27, 2009
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