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Located in Pitsea, the center of Basildon, you will find The Upper Academy of The Basildon Academies, formerly known as Chalvedon School and 6th Form College
Chalvedon School is commonly recognised as having the highest pregnancy rate amongst all schools in the UK. Full of "Chavs" and "Slags", many parents are reluctant to send their children to this school, worrying that they will get into drugs, pregnancy and STI's. These people who give Chalvedon School a bad name, widely known as "Scum", are generally bullies and nasty people who constantly look down at other pupils, calling them names and spreading nasty rumours
Amongst all the scum, you will find a number of pupils who are a lot more intelligent, clean, and generally better beings, who are forming an alliance against the scum of the school. These people usually stand out from the crowd, steering away from the orange foundation, clumpy eyelashes, short skirts, bucket fannies, love bites, etc. Appearing a lot smarter, sophisticated, clean and beautiful. These are the sort of people that you want your kids to befriend
There are also a small number of pupils typically known as "Grungers." These "Grungers" are pupils are steer away from the common trends and like to stand out from the crowd by being different - also forming an alliance against the Scum. The "Grungers" may come across as shy and rude, but are very lovely, well mannered and educated people
I can't believe my daughters pregnant at 14, I guess that's what I get for sending her to Chalvedon School with all the other Scum.
by little.monsterr January 02, 2011
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