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An Early College High School in Hickory, North Carolina, Challenger, servers two out of a hundred North Carolina counties: Alexander and Catawba. Limited to a hundred students per class, everybody knows each other. Most of the teachers are extremely qualified. The school's honor code is integrity, citizenship, and stewardship. Anybody who doesn't follow this code can be punished. It's the only school in the county where you drop $2 dollars, and somebody will return it in the office.
Jack: I heard you're not coming to Hickory High with us. Where are you going?
Bill: I'm going to the prestigious Challenger Early College High School.
Jack: That sounds great. I hope you do good.

20 years later
Jack is flipping burgers. Bill is working for $40/hour on a career that hasn't even been invented yet.
by BuddhistMonk2 September 03, 2012
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