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The state of only being sexually attracted to chairs. Often confused with asexuality, a chairsexual person is often recognized by an almost sigh-like sound coming from the mouth when one sits. Another sign of a chairsexual is having a specific seat in which the person always sits and becomes upset when another person sits in their 'spot'.
Frank: Brad, we could've sworn you were asexual!
Brad: Nope, I'm just chairsexual.
Frank: What?
Brad: I get a boner when I see a chair.
Frank: Is that why you always sit in the same seat when you come to my house?
Brad: Yeah, that recliner is so sexy...

Some may say that Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory is a chairsexual, since he has a 'spot' and refrains from any other sexual activity.
by Bosami November 19, 2013
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