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Useful abbreviation as CTKI, or occasionally CKI (Chair-Keyboard Interface).

CTKI is the tech-tarded USER that TECHS spend so much company time dealing with that could be better spent on more important network issues.
USER: "My login doesn't work. Is the network down or something?"

TECH: "No, networks fine. Is your Caps Lock on?"

USER: "Oh my gosh, it IS, tee-hee! Sorry for calling you from your lunch break as an emergency."

(Boss comes in): "So USER tells me there's network problems and they can't log in! What's going on with the system?"

TECH: "Problem solved. But I think it would be in your best interest to replace the CTKI."

(CTKI=Chair-To-Keyboard Interface,)
by Doc Pyrata May 03, 2008
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