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she is sexy and gets all the boys she lovs . she is an Irish travler and weres lot of makeup to make her feell prety bc she ugly but sexy . she lik gals aswell bc she lebanese and lik Justin beber and dojo siwa
person1: lok that is Chahra
person2: did you hear she is lebanese
person1: no, I hope she lik mi
person2: no she lik mojo siwa like a boomerang
by smileyface_201 July 21, 2021
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She is a pretty, enthusiastic girl who loves making people smile. Don’t hold a grudge at her or else you won’t know what she’s gonna do she is feisty! She is also very a smart and short girl! If you ever come across her just smile she will smile back and make your day!
Person:That’s Chahra!
Person2: say hi to her
Person: Hi Chahra
Chahra: Hey
by funny_hippo456 May 16, 2021
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