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Also known as "CFS," Chabot-Fagnant Syndrome is a condition found among many in the Catholic social justice community that is usually distinguished by the following symptoms:

1). An infatuation with Jesuits that borders on eroticism
2). Runny discharge from the mouth in the form of incessant blather about Liberation Theology
3). The irrational desire to treat each day like a Catholic high school retreat.
4). Regularly accusing anyone nearby that they "don't understand" the world's problems and that they are even part of those problems while ignoring their own possible complicity.
5). Regularly inserting unnecessary foreign words (usually Spanish) and phrases into everyday speech and insisting on over-pronouncing said words and phrases.
6). Extreme self-importance.

CFS is often caused by over-attending spiritual retreats, going abroad to developing nations on social justice tourism trips, full-immersion volunteering, or taking too many Liberation Theology classes. The condition may only last for a few days or weeks as an accompaniment to a "retreat high" or several years, clearing up only when the "infected" graduates or departs from the area of incubation. Chronic cases been known to persist longer but such episodes are rare and suggest that the afflicted possess some sort of innate pre-disposition to the condition.
"She used to be pretty cool, but ever since she came back from that service trip to the Dominican Republic she's done nothing but cry and yell at people. She's got a serious case of Chabot-Fagnant Syndrome."
by Billy Bluejay October 07, 2007
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