Cg/L stands for Caregiver/Little. It is a lifestyle in which one of the people in a relationship, the caregiver, takes care of the other person in the relationship, the little, in an almost parental way. This lifestyle can be sexual or non sexual and usually involves child like things. The little may sometimes call the caregiver Daddy/Mommy/Dada/Mama. Cg/L is sometimes associated with age-play. This lifestyle is often also referred to as ddlg or ddlb or mdlg or mdlb
If she likes sucking on pacis and calls her boyfriend daddy, then she's probably in aCg/L relationship.
by little one March 13, 2016
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Cg/L(Re) or Caregiver Little Regression is a branch off of Cg/L that focuses on the ageregression aspect of the dynamic. It is strictly non-sexual and is not directly related to "similar" things like DDLG, BDSM, or CGL.
"My girlfriend acts a lot like a kid, but it isn't sexual. She's into Cg/L(Re)."
by minijiminie May 18, 2018
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