mdlg is a type of b.d.s.m relationship (one between a dominant and submissive) the dominant being the i.e; "mommy" and the submissive being the i.e; "little girl" these terms are also found in relationships like: DDLG. mdlg is a relationship between two women, the little girl can also participate in age play meaning, acting an age younger or older than she really is to fit a role, pleasing the care taker, or "mommy" (these relationships can be either sexual or not.) These relationships aren't actually between a mother and daughter.
"Mommy can i have my paci?" Rosy asks quietly. "Yes babygirl." Lauren says happily, while shifting over to hand Rosy her pacifier. (this is an example of mdlg.)
by simplydelusional October 9, 2017
Mdlg stands for mommy dom little girl. It is a relationship between two females, each playing their own role. A mommy is also known as a caregiver, someone who takes on a parent like role to a little. A little (little girl in this case) is a person who puts themselves into a younger mindset called little space. This relationship does not have to be sexual and it is not like a typical relationship. THIS IS NOT PEDOPHILIA.
I'm in a mdlg relationship and I love my mommy soooooo much.
by Maxie96 March 11, 2018