When a tech company outsources and offshores expensive jobs to a cheap 2nd or 3rd world labor location, they give that new place a lofty name, as if it's god's gift to their future success, while it generally displaces US or other western (expensive) workers.
They'll trade one a $100k/yr Java coder stateside for a half dozen Sanjeev's in the Center of Excellence in Bangalore.

The Center of Excellence contributes directly to shareholder value, i.e. executive bonuses.

The Center of Excellence is in Bangalore. That makes Austin the Center of Expensive Mediocrity.
by redshirt58 February 25, 2009
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A group of people that have committed their lives to farting excellence and are Purveyors of farting. Pushing new boundaries and establishing methods of deriving specific odor, power and punch as well as lingering presence in the area of farting. The COFE has established an international scale for judging and scoring a fart called the COFE scale(1-10) with 1 = a literal non-fart and 10 equaling the atomic bomb blast of Hiroshima. The COFE also offers classes that spreads knowledge on how to fart, what to eat to produce specific farts. proper times to fart and the COFE scale. Much like knowledge for making and juding fine wines.
Dude, that was the nastiest, room clearing, toxic fart I have ever witnessed, what is up with that. Son.. I learned it all at the Center of Farting Excellence. I was once as you, without farting knowledge, but have been enlightened, you too can become proveyor of farting through the Center of Farting Excellence.
by Goatoghillgary December 16, 2016
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