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She has one of the most unique names. She is considerably beautiful, but doesn't consider herself beautiful and has some close friends. She is extremely talented and puts 110% into anything that she does. She is a great girlfriend, but often shy. She likes many different things, and can be hard to keep up with because she's always changing her mind. She's a loyal friend, and cares for her friends, but only if they care back. She falls in and out of love easily and has many standards for who she falls in love with. She hates clingy people. She lets difficult times bring her down, but once she gets back up, she's unstoppable. She dresses lovely, and is a lovely person to be around. She loves giving advice and will try to help anyone with something troubling them. However, if enough people screw her over, she can turn out to be the worst person you'll ever meet. Don't take advantage of her kindness.
Person 1: "Man, I really wish I had someone to talk to."
Person 2: "Why not just talk to Celyssia?"
Person 1: "Oh yeah, that's a great idea! She'll know what to do!"
by sapphireribbons May 31, 2013
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