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An exclusive and beautiful name for exclusively beautiful women. Celise's are extremely generous and are known to frequently be the designated driver for nights out. They have an exceptional amount of love for their close circle of friends and would quite literally go and get water from the moon if it would help the people they care about. A Celise is the kind of girl you can trust with your innermost secrets, fears and worries and know that she will guard them with her own life. Celise is also someone you can share jokes with and who will laugh excessively at your bad humour. If you ever feel down or like you just want to give up, a Celise is sure to find the right words to get you back up and smiling. Celise's are also wonderful if you just need that great hug to make you feel better, or if you need that supportive shoulder to cry on. If you know a Celise or if you're even blessed enough to have one as a friend; you are tremendously lucky and you should spend your time trying to make her as happy as she makes you!
Oh, you met this extremely interesting, beautiful and giving woman last night? Well, you must have come across a Celise.

Did you just say you know a Celise?!?! OMG - I am sooooo jealous!!!
by Melkesjokolade May 05, 2010
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