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Celebrating only with your male friends. Similar to a stag or bachelor party, but applicable to any celebration worthy event.

Also: Celebrote, Celebroting
Man: A raise! This calls for a night out!
Woman: Awesome, what are we doing?
Man: I don't think so, this is going to be a celebrotion!!
by VinnyM November 17, 2010
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The act of human males congregating in pairs or groups, no woman allowed! This event should have some some pre-meet excitement as to justify it greatness. This can be a defined event such as a stag party, or to watch a "B" movie, knowing full well that the lady"s would never in a million years torture themselves with a night of Bruce Campbell. All Sports nights are full-on Celebrotion's.
... ring ring... Hey broskey!! Whats shaking I haven't seen you in forever, you busy Friday? ....No mate I totally free.... Sweet! I got the new Zombie Chefs Raw Food Challenge, season 6 and an 80' L.E.D. T.V in the Man Cave Its gonna be a Celebrotion!
by Celebrotion November 16, 2011
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