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A lighting fixture on ones ceiling that resembles a women's breast.
Bro, your ceiling titty is turning me on.
by M-Deezy Enterprises October 05, 2013
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Those round half sphere lights you have on your ceiling with the little tip in the centre which kind of makes it look like a titty
Person one: it's dark in here
Person two: hold up, let me turn on the ceiling titty
by AlrightFam June 29, 2016
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A Ceiling Titty or a flush mount ceiling fixture is when a triple bulb light fixture has a metal ring base around it covered in a plastic dome with a metal point in the middle

Making it look like a Titty on the ceiling
Person 1: Yo bro it’s too dark in here

Person 2: Here, let me just turn on my Ceiling Titty
by Oweniee21 August 07, 2019
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