A phrase used to show gratitude for one’s supporters. First introduced by influencer and CEO Daniel Larson in his famous “Ceel” era. Now, it has become a common slang word meaning “cheers”.
Grace: “Daniel, we will date next year”
Daniel: “Ceel, Please stay tuned
by Always-Tuned-In October 21, 2021
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Ceel is an acronym created by Tik Tok influencer Daniel Larson which he defines as "Elect Larson" though the first two letters of the acronym are a mystery to even Daniel himself. When questioned by fans during a Tik Tok Live fans asked what the first C and E stand for and Daniel said quote "im not sure but the E and L stand for elect larson"
daniel: thank you for watching, please stay tuned
jeffepstine45: ceel
shitward: ceel
by Expungedd January 10, 2022
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Pro gamer that likes women. He is also known for having a huge dick.
That guy is such a Ceel.
by JeffreyEinstein45 March 27, 2021
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