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By day, a basement dwelling cat. Ornery and grouchy, Ceefers prefer to sleep most of the day in a box labeled "summer clothes" instead of their bed.

When not receiving adequate petting or cuddles, Ceefers will deposit a small fecal mound upon the threshold of doors or on comforters.

Other ways of displaying resentment include sneezing mucous onto your face, or depositing vomit into the hood of your favorite christmas sweater.

Ceefers typically sleep on average, 23.5 hours of the day, the remainder of the time they can be found in their most natural habitat, the homo sapiens sapiens "bed" for cleaning, sleeping or rubbing their butts on the comforter.

Preferred activity of choice: cuddles, and headbutts.
"Awe man, Ceefer just barfed into my sweater"

"Thanks for pooing in my sleeping area Ceefies"
by catlady101 February 02, 2010
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