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the BEST school in the LISD school district! aside from CPHS and Cyprus.. Play nice, and you can tell that almost everyone is really cheery and sweet, play dirty and you'll get just what you deserve. in the nicest way possible... depending on the people you mess with.

Athletics rules the school, no joke. Choir is freaking amazing;) oh and the term "band nerd" can no way be related to our band! they rock!
the Drill team is OK but they can do a lot more than their moves let on.. THEATER PEOPLE R AMAZING! <3 cheer's pimpin! colorgard's cool too:) sorry if i left anything out!!

here, the guy's are hot, but could never compare to us girls;) everyone is talented in one way or another, and to be honest, we can be pretty damn bitchy. ALLOT.
cPMS all the way...

GO 8TH GRADE 2011!!!
did you go to the CP vs VR football game last night?

I couldn't, the kids from Cedar Park Middle took up all the bleachers..

P.S. that's all I could come up with! sorry!
by drillQD June 17, 2011
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