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An amazingly wonderful and sexy human being. The most amazing friend you will ever have. She has the best hair and style and smells like fresh baked cookies and cupcakes. She is always there for a friend in need and loves to live life on the fly. She is amazing and if you aren't friends with her, you are missing out. If you just say hi to her, she will talk to you for hours and you will be best friends!
Damn, that Cearra girl is fly!

Cearra smells like a cookie, I just want to eat her up.

Damn that Cearra is SEXY
by jessicasamcaitlin June 20, 2010
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Cearra is a crazy girl that everyone loves. When I’m a relationship with a boy she’s not the best because she doesn’t know how to properly show love towards her boyfriend. She’s the type of person that is a little quiet at first but the next time you see her and talk to her she’s crazy insane and loud. She doesn’t hate many people but if she does hate you she must have a good reason to. Cearra loves everyone unless you do something to her. She treats all of her friends like a second family. She loves them to death and will do absolutely anything for them. Her personality is sweet, generous, kind, caring, brave, funny and strong. CEARRAS usually sweet as long as you’re not mean to her or annoy her. She’s very independent and loves to fight. She’s never afraid to do something others won’t do. She always wants to be the first one to try something. She keeps her life full of adventure and excitement because she never knows what day might be her last. If you ever meet a girls named Cearra give her a chance because she turns out to be very sweet as long and you’re nice and don’t annoy her
I really wish I had a best friend like Cearra
by Bearra54 June 01, 2018
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