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Origin Unknown meaning, "Pure in Heart"

Individuals with this name often times are known to be very literal and matter of fact like a child. Unhinged and unfiltered. They tend to be brutally honest without consideration of others feelings. They are sensitive and insensitive at the same time. They tend to be people pleasers by nature and are dedicated to any tasks they embark on. Cayshia's often times like to be romanced and acknowledged for their efforts. They are fun loving, quick witted, of higher intelligence, talkative, sensing and complex yet humble in their dealings. Cayshia's are often times grounded in their Spiritual Beliefs which they draw on to pull them through the day. They operate on the basis of, "What goes around, comes around." Cayshia's love to laugh and find humor in the simplest of things.
"The Best Friend You Could Ever Have is a Cayshia"
by Jescarma February 06, 2010
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