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A person who is nice and love to help.
Kyle: yo what's up cayden ball
Cayden: what's up cracker?
Kyle: Ya I am pretty white
Cayden: I'm going to steal your bitch
Kyle: thanks shes a total cock block. Is this why they call you {cayden ball
by The savage bulldog May 27, 2017
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A white trash cracka that thinks he's better at basketball than he actually is. He tends to try and steal your bitches but they just think he's annoying
Kyle: "Hey Cayden Ball"
Cayden Ball: "What's up cracker"
Kyle: "Bro your the whitest kid ever

Cayden: "Im gonna stael your bitch"
Kyle: "yea...ok
by lewkjfhwyripb jlbk34mqngrvfrk3 January 06, 2016
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